InDesign Work

I frequently use InDesign to effectively create layouts and final products ready to be printed and sent to clients. Here are a few examples of work I have made with InDesign.

Sequential scrolling order:

1. Restaurant Menu

2. Book Covers

3. Brochures

This clean and modern menu design is made to be easy to read. The menu consists of six pages (front cover, pages 1-4, and back cover). The Desserts and Cocktails menu is designed in a way that can be folded and laminated to be reversable when placed on tables in menu holders for customers to view. Graphics were created in Illustrator and imported into InDesign.

I am a fan of paranormal and horror themes. Designing these covers were a fun part of an advanced design project made a couple years back and are still some of my favorite book cover design examples I've made. Graphics were created in photoshop and imported into InDesign. 

Counseling brochure sample.jpg

Mock-up brochure for a counseling service with a logo made in Adobe Illustrator and the background enhanced and edited in Photoshop. With InDesign being the final step I was able to piece together a simple brochure. You can find the mock-up version of the brochure in the Photoshop section of the site portfolio.